DSC is a Canadian company. Many Burglar Alarm companies use DSC products simply because DSC manufactures solid products with proven track records....


Video Surveillance

We are dealers for Dahua Video Surveillance Products. These products are top of the line, ranging from four channels DVR’s to 128 channels.




We have sold NEC products since our beginnings.  The above picture is from the SL1100 digital system.  We also sell the NEC DSX series systems.  Get more info on NEC here.

Access Controls

We primarily use Paxton Access Control Systems.  If we get calls for smaller systems we use David-Link.  Paxton has served us well in applications that required more flexibility, like gate access.  Paxton and David-link also have Time and Attendance Systems with fingerprint recognition.


David Link video

Home Automation

Clare Controls is our go to for Automation Systems.  The best selling feature of Clare Controls is the ability for each member of a family or business to customize his own "room".  Devices, such as light switches, DVR's, thermostats, electrical outlets, and etc, are added to the general system.  From a smart device such as an iPad, the user can bring all the controls in to the app and then select his own controls, those that fit his wants or needs.

Here's a video of how Clare Controls works

And Clare Controls on an iPad

ClareOS Controller 

The module sets a new entry point for complete Clare Controls home automation systems. The heart of the ClareOS Technology Ecosystem, the controller provides device management services to all the customers' applications, mediates all user interface interactions and acts as the gateway to the ClareCloud for automatic system updates.

Available Q1 2014

View Datasheet

The features:

  • Integrates common interface elements into a single unit for fast, economical deployment
  • Integral ClareBus shares power, data, audio and control data between additional stacked modules, without external jumpers
  • Auto-discovery eases configuration as systems scale upward

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