We installed our first Burglar Alarm in Louisville Kentucky in the early 80′s. Since then we have installed Burglar Alarms in Florida, West Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio. We have installed phone systems in Florida, Indiana, and Illinois. We didn’t get involved in Video Surveillance Systems and until a few years later but we have installed them in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky.

We have national corporate accounts to our credit as well as the federal government. We’ve also installed systems with only one camera. We have some Video Surveillance Systems that utilize wireless transmitters and IP radios for long distance transmission.

We continue to add to our Portfolio, providing solutions for problem areas and tackling jobs that others won’t.


Our specialty is putting together comprehensive solutions to Security issues and problems. We often utilize several products to put together one package that achieves the necessary results. For instance, we’ve found that wireless cameras are terrible. If a customer needs a wireless solution we incorporate radios and Cat 5 enhancements that allow us to install cameras up to five miles line of sight.

If your Security needs a “think outside the box” solution, we can do it.

“… Locking your door at night is no longer enough. Some folks out there play rough…”

As a client of Patriot Technologies you'll talk to me directly.  No runarounds, no excuses.

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